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AGE 9-12

Superhero, magical fantasy

EMILY KNIGHT I A. Bello (Book 1)

Harry Potter meets X-Men meets Dragon Ball Z

Top 100 books in Children's Superhero Action & Adventure

'If you like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games then you will love this! A must read! - Stressed Rach Reviews


How does it feel to be different and misunderstood? And who cares? Emily Knight is young and famous, self-aware and intelligent. But what if the one thing that makes Emily different also makes her a target for evil? Can she defend herself...and everything she loves?




Harry Potter meets X-Men meets Dragon Ball Z

Winner of London's Big Read 2019

Nominated for the Carnegie Medal 2019

Finalist for The People's Book Prize 2019

Top Amazon 100 Coming of Age Young Adult books


'A wonderful heroine you can't help but root for' 

Katherine Webber, author of Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Dark times are upon us. Neci is back and she is more dangerous than ever. The warriors are forced to pick a side and to stand up for what they believe in. The race is on to find the missing warrior first. It's the only way to prevent a war from happening and to stop Neci from destroying everything. Emily Knight has to get sharper, stronger and faster because Neci has made her a target and someone is going to great lengths to hurt her. Can Emily win the race? Or will Neci take her down once and for all?


ek3 front cover.jpg


Harry Potter meets X-Men meets Dragon Ball Z

Top 40 Amazon bestseller in Magical Realist Fiction for Young Adults


'A thrilling adventure'

Sophie Anderson, author of The House With Chicken Legs


Book 3 in the Emily Knight saga


The battle continues...


Homecoming. Sacrifice. Family. Fire. 


The Knights are finally reunited and ready to defeat Neci once and for all. But Neci is one step ahead and is targeting them one by one. When one of Emily's best friends is kidnapped, Emily leads the elite team on a rescue mission but nothing can prepare them for what Neci has planned...


Spooky tales

The Twig Man-front cover.jpg

THE TWIG MAN by Sana Rasoul 

The read under your covers with a torch type of book

Winner of The Readers' Choice 2023 Best Children's Book - The Diverse Book Awards

Runner up for The Diverse Book Awards 2023 'Best Children's Book'

Shortlisted for Breakthrough Children's Book of Year - The Week Junior Book Awards 2023

Longlisted for The Juniper Book Award 2023 and UKLA Book Awards

October Debut Book of the Month 2022 for LoveReading4Kids.


Beware The Twig Man, the Twig Man's hex. Beware the Twig Man or you'll be NEXT!

It's been a year since nearly twelve-year-old Ari's older sister, Lana, ran away, except Ari knows what happened. She was taken by the Twig Man, the creepy monster that's haunted the woods for a hundred years. No one else will listen so it's up to Ari to save her but he had better hurry, as Ari finds himself next on the Twig Man's list...


Black Cat Silhouette

Magic and hilarious talking animals

9781913835361  .jpg

A HEAD FULL OF MAGIC by Sarah Morrell

Perfect for fans of Doctor Dolittle and Maz Evans


Fleur is used to balancing her two different cultures from her English Mum to  her West Indian Nan but when she discovers that she can talk to animals she finds herself in a whole new world! Can her new powers help her take down Celeste 'The Best' the hockey-loving, ankle-smashing new girl, once and for all?


Dove in Hat


THE ORIGINALS by Various Authors

From fantasy to love -  a story for everyone

'So much talent in these short stories, it should inspire all children to have a go at writing'

Amazon review 



27 Original short stories from young writers aged 5-20. These young writers entered The little BIG Book Competition and have either won or their story was chosen as a feature. Hundreds of submissions were sent in from around the world!



GEN ALPHA-Z by Various Authors

Thriller, Coming of Age, Magic - dive into a collection of fantastic stories

'It has a fantastic array of stories from children as young as six, to teenagers'

Jaytay book reviews 


Gen Alpha-Z is a powerful little book that packs a massive literary punch. The sequel to the successful debut, The Originals, Gen Alpha-Z is a breath-taking collection of incredible short stories written by talented young writers aged between six and 21 years around the world. 


daydreamers front cover.png

DAYDREAMERS by Various Authors

Love, heroes and bedtime stories- amazing tales written during lockdown 


Sponsored by Hashtag Press.

Daydreamers is the third book from the children's competition The Lil' Author Skool, created by award-winning author Abiola Bello. Full of powerful and breath-taking collection of incredible short stories written by talented young writers aged between five and 21 years around the world, that were written during lockdown. Daydreamers showcases the astoundingly high quality of writing by today’s children and teenagers – the next generation of authors are already showing what they’re capable of and it’s incredibly excited for the future of literature!


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