Julia Keys and Jacqui Coles are the co-founders of www.keys2life.co.uk

They first became friends as teenagers, and although their lives took separate paths with differing experiences, fate always brought them together again. Frequently, those reunions occurred in the most unexpected of places and always at a time when one of them was struggling with an issue in their life. A true friend is there when you need them and none more so than when you are dealing with the effects of being betrayed. Julia and Jacqui’s friendship has been their survival mechanism and they hope that anyone reading this book will feel their genuine desire, for the MANScript to be their friend on every page.

Julia Keys has a professional background in nursing, counselling and psychotherapy; her specialist subjects include dealing with relationships, mental health issues and eating disorders. Julia was a school counsellor for five years, helping 11 to 18-year-old girls with myriad concerns, many of which related to their parent’s relationship issues. Julia is skilled in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. She has also worked at a specialist woman’s centre where referrals came from all walks of life.

Jacqui Coles is a registered nurse, midwife and health visitor. She has extensive experience in: safeguarding; patient safety; and as an advocate working in the NHS as a senior manager. In 2014, she became Deputy Chief Executive at the Patients Association, a high profile ‘patient voice’ charity.

Jacqui has dealt with many situations where the client’s personal relationship had been strained, broken down or challenged. That experience influenced the individual’s physical and mental wellbeing and ultimately, their recovery.


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Julia Keys & Jacqui Coles
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Julia Keys & Jacqui Coles
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