From designing shoes, developing her brand 'Mary Smith,' live singing, mentoring young women and telling stories to her nieces and nephews, Mary Obozua has now added 'Author' to the list. Mary grew up as part of a large family without a TV in sight. She credits this upbringing to stimulating her creative side as she had to create stories to entertain her younger siblings whilst baby sitting. Inspired by watching the humorous relationship between her younger sister and her best friends, 'The Wonderful Life of Daisy and Ewe' was born with 'Stars of Paradise' the first book from the series. She promises the series to bring girl power, a diverse cast, mystery and fun packed adventures.

Mary continues to passionately tell stories and write, whilst juggling the day to day running of everything else in-between.

Stars of Paradise
Mary Obozua
18th July 2019
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