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Release date: January 23rd 2020

Health & Wellbeing 

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-9161617-4-0



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'Life changing!'

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ABOUT: Get Strong, Get Fit, Get Happy will give you the knowledge, confidence and inspiration to reach and maintain a level of health and fitness - for the rest of your life - that many would consider unattainable. Together with Personal Trainer and Naturopathic Nutritionist, Stuart Roberts, you'll consider how pre-conceived ideas and commonly-held perceptions about ageing and health can unwittingly convince us to expect significantly declining health and physical fitness as we get older. If you're approaching a milestone birthday and want to be the exception to the ageing rule, this manual, designed to support men and women aged 40-plus, would be a great way to celebrate the rest of your life


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Growing up watching loved ones at the mercy of debilitating illnesses, Stuart became passionate about transforming people’s health, helping them attain boundless energy and maintain their fitness whatever their age. Being a Fire Fighter for thirty years, Stuart was lucky to have a job that required him to keep physically fit. Early on his career he qualified as a Fire Service Physical Training Instructor and did this for twenty-five years, until he retired early. Learning about the power of nutritious food in transforming his own health, Stuart studied nutrition for six years at the highly respected Institute of Optimum Nutrition in London and qualified as a naturopathic nutritionist. His methods are based on the importance of making changes that are easy to implement, sustainable over the longer term and that fit into busy lives without denying people the pleasure of their favourite foods.In 2004, Stuart built on his experience supporting Fire Fighters with their fitness and qualified as a Coach and Instructor in a completely new and revolutionary exercise program developed for athletes which could be adapted and used by anyone. He learned from mentors who changed what he thought was possible with respect to health and fitness at middle age and beyond. Stuart lives in Kent, England with his wife.


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Get Strong, Get Fit, Get Happy. A life manual for 40+ by Stuart Roberts

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