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Top 100 Death & Dying books for Children


From the author of Was This in the Plan?


'Truly wonderful book to read for children to help to understand death'

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ABOUT: Elsie and Daisy are best friends. They go to a special school, a school where the children have helpers and some of the children use wheels to get around. Elsie waits at the classroom door for her best friend to arrive every day. One day Daisy doesn’t arrive in school. All the grown-ups are crying; they are sad because Daisy has died. Elsie will never see her friend again. Elsie isn’t sad though, she is cross with her friend for not saying goodbye.Goodbye Daisy is based on Stephanie Nimmo’s own experiences of explaining to her daughter Daisy’s friends that Daisy had died. Aimed mainly at children with profound learning disabilities it is also a heart-warming social story and support guide about the death of a school friend that will support help parents, carers and professionals support a child through their loss and grief.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stephanie Nimmo grew up in the Victorian seaside town of Penarth in South Wales. She attended the United World College of the Atlantic and subsequently gained a degree in Social Anthropology at Kent University. She moved to London in 1990 and has never left. These days she refers to herself as London Welsh.

Marriage to her long term partner Andy followed together with a mortgage and children. Her successful international marketing career was cut short on the arrival of her fourth child, Daisy, who was born with a rare, life limiting genetic condition. Overnight Steph became a full time carer and entered a world of which she had no prior experience.

She has written about the issues facing carers and people with disabilities in her multi-award nominated blog, Was this in the Plan?. She has also written for The Guardian, Mumsnet, The Independent and The Huffington Post as well as being featured on BBC Ouch!, the BBC’s disability channel. She has spoken on the subject of resilience to BT’s Equality network and has given several speeches on behalf of the Children’s palliative care charity, Together for Short Lives as well as writing guest features for Carer’s UK and Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity. She received a National Carer’s Award from Carer’s UK in 2016.

Andy, Steph’s husband and partner of 27 years passed away in December 2015 following a diagnosis of terminal cancer the year before. 13 months later her daughter Daisy also passed away, she had just turned 12. Steph lives in Wimbledon, South West London, with her three surviving children and their dog, Pluto. Steph personifies resilience. She is determined that despite everything that has happened in her life she will thrive and not just survive.



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Goodbye Daisy by Stephanie Nimmo