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Release date: November 5th 2020

Young Adult Fiction

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-9162864-9-8



Longlisted for The Diverse Book Awards 2021

Top 3 Amazon bestseller for Islamic Fiction for Young Adults

Featured in Vogue


'Hijab and Red Lipstick is a story that needs to be read by women and feminists'

Teefa & her Books


ABOUT: Being a teenager isn't easy. All Sara wants to do is experiment with make-up and hang out with friends. It doesn't help when you have a super-strict Egyptian dad who tells you that everything is "haram" a.k.a. forbidden. But when her family move to the Arabian Gulf, it feels like every door is being closed on Sara's future. Can Sara find her voice again? Will she ever be free? 

•Contains sensitive issues that some may find triggering 


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Yousra Imran is half-English and half-Egyptian and grew up between London and the Arabian Peninsula. She won the Hashtag Press 2020 competition and the prize was a traditional book deal. Hijab and Red Lipstick is her debut book.

Yousra holds a BA Hons in International Relations and is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. She was the fitness and wellbeing columnist for Grazia Arabia in 2016 and 2017 as well as a regular guest chat show host on QBS Radio in Qatar.  Yousra currently works and resides in West Yorkshire where she works in marketing and events in the education sector. She has been writing professionally for over 10 years, with articles being published in a number of printed and online publications in the Middle East and UK. A women's rights advocate, Yousra identifies as Muslim and feminist, and is passionate about human rights and gender justice in the Middle East. Her hobbies include reading, writing and long walks in nature. 


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Hijab and Red Lipstick by Yousra Imran

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