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Release date: May 31st 2018

Women's Fiction

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-9998053-0-2


Finalist for the People's Book Prize 2018 'Best Fiction'


'A wonderful read with lots of twists and turns'

Amazon review 


ABOUT: In the Fast Lane is a story for those if us trying - sometimes failing - to keep all the juggling balls in the air! A complex web of family relationships and life challenges is vividly weaved by Octogenarian author Lotte Moore, who exposes the craziness and triviality of life 'in the fast lane.' Marriage breakdowns and corruption, catastrophe and chaos, romance and relationships, this is an emotional, moving portrait of the ups and downs of family life, and poses the question - can we ever be truly happy living in the fast lane?


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: As a child, Lotte lived in Kent with her parents who enjoyed entertaining, political debate and literary discussion with the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, H E Bates, W H Auden and Benjamin Britten. She was often lonely and turned to writing (stories, diary, poems and letters) to express her feelings of isolation. In her early teens her commitment turned to ballet, point shoes replaced the pen. She was selected by the Royal Ballet School to dance in the Opera Ballet. When rejected for growing ‘too tall’ Lotte turned to acting and intermittently to writing. She finally married aged 38 to her loyal husband Chris (who continues to support Lotte by typing our her hand-written stories). Lotte became immersed in her stepchildren and then her own two girls. When her daughters left home she describes “empty years” filled by illness and family problems. Sadly her parents died before her writing career flourished. Lotte lives in London and has published over 20 books.


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In The Fast Lane by Lotte Moore