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ebook ISBN: 978-1-9161617-1-9


Shortlisted for The Peoples Book Prize 2019


'Insightful and Inspiring'

Mind, the mental health charity 


ABOUT: My Mini-Mindest Manual is a must read A-Z guide for anyone who wants to know more about the power of mindset. This powerful little book is packed with simple tips, ideas and supportive words, to potentially turn your life around.

(Half of the authors royalties are donated to MIND charity)


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Neeta wrote her first book at the age of three with coloured paper, crayons and an array of partially-lifelike drawings of her family which always made her Mum laugh. 37 years later, she finally published her first (real) book with Hashtag Press. In 2000 she joined a gym and feeling the benefits of keeping fit, qualified as a Yoga Instructor in 2011, then a Pilates Instructor in 2017. She vowed at 25 years old during a Saturday night Chinese meal with friends, to stay in the best physical shape once she reached 40; and ever since has been trying to stay in the best mental shape too. A fourteen minute Law of Attraction YouTube clip changed her life for the better in 2016. This led to her to viewing multiple motivational speakers, and also led her to writing this book. With an ever-expanding love for Health and Wellbeing, Neeta started to delve into the world of Mindset and simple ways to alleviate stress during daily modern life. Writing always helped her feel creative, and through 'My Mini-Micro Mindset Manual' Neeta hopes to inspire and be inspired by anyone interested in maintaining an optimistic outlook during the rollercoaster called life!


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My Mini-Micro Mindset Manual by Neeta Oza - ebook