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Release date: December 5th 2019


Paperback ISBN: 978-1-9993006-6-1




What's In My Wondeland Book Review 


ABOUT: My Super-Compact Self-Care Script is a must-read A-Z guide for anyone who needs a helping hand to learn self-care strategies for life. Self-care is not selfish, far from it, nor is it a millennial buzzword with no real meaning. Neeta Oza, fitness entrepreneur and author, has created this mini micro manual for anyone who understands they need to step-up their self-care skills in order to bring their best to their health, relationships, life and work.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Neeta wrote her first book at the age of three with coloured paper, crayons and an array of partially-lifelike drawings of her family which always made her Mum laugh. 37 years later, she finally published her first (real) book with Hashtag Press. Neeta is the author of My Mini-Micro Mindset Manual, My Back-To-Basics Business Bible and My Fun-Filled Fitness Folio.


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Website: www.neetafitness.com

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My Super-Compact Self-Care Script by Neeta Oza