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Suzy Rowland is an author, Autism & ADHD Specialist, Adaptive Cognitive Behaviour Therapist & Speaker. She founded the #happyinschool project to provide creative and interactive training and consultancy, rooted in lived experience.  She works directly with local authorities, schools, families and young people, examining challenging issues and situations and building connections, that enable educators and families to work collaboratively, for successful educational outcomes. The project started off as a forum for autism & ADHD parent advocacy and quickly developed into detailed training programmes for mental health professionals, educators and complex organisations. Suzy is also a presenter for Women’s LIK UltravisionTV.


Qualifications & Experience: Suzy is PCBT (British Psychological Society approved) Scope & IPSEA trained, Safeguarding Certified, IAPT (Improving Access Psychological Therapy), trainer and holds a current DBS. Suzy has worked with: Universal Music, Express CIC, Fastminds, Richmond Borough Mind, ADHD Embrace, ADHD Foundation, A2nd Voice, Achieving for Children (AfC) and National Autistic Society as well as private clients. Suzy’s book S.E.N.D. IN THE CLOWNS: ESSENTIAL AUTISM/ADHD FAMILY GUIDE is the perfect book for parents who are struggling with education for the child with autism or ADHD. Suzy is widely published: Melan Magazine, My Baba, Special Needs Jungle, Kingston Chamber Magazine, Diversity Q, School Run, Posability Magazine, Your Autism Magazine, National Autistic Society, Open Access Government, Primary Times, “From Hurt to Hope” (JKP).

S.E.N.D in the front cover.png
S.E.N.D  in the Clowns 
Suzy Rowland
September 2020
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